Process post#1

Reading How do I get my attention back I realized not only with social media but building my website that I just spent hours trying to figure out got me nothing. I was not any closer to knowing what I was doing. Having access to the internet so freely time seems to not exist and that is kind of scary.  

Day 1 of creating a website. I found a name great I am on the right track. After that it was disastrous, I would spend what felt like hours, going from one tab to another and finding myself back to where I started with no new knowledge of what I was doing. I really thought that I don’t think I am going to get the hang of this at all.  

Process Post #2

Setting up my website

Setting up my website 

This was not a fun assignment. This type of stuff is like learning a new language and I have never learned a new language. I thankfully came up with a URL pretty quick but after that I had no idea where to start. I chose a theme, but I did not know how to change a thing because it felt too bulky for me, so I went to look for another one. Even though it looked a little more basic, it was not. I am slowly but surely getting the hang of it considering I got this far and posted my first process post. So, I am hopeful it won’t be a complete gong show for me.  

Process Post #3

The online me

I was reading over, The Disinhibition Effect and I am going back and forth on being my truth self, with no limits. Sharing the true and raw of parenting. Then again, I am about Altering Self Boundary in fear of some of my family and friends not understanding what I am sharing or why I am sharing. I have always wanted to start a blog though one day. So, this is a start, and it is all a learning process.  

This week I learned a lot about the ‘basics’ of placing a website. I was able to get rid of all the extras that were included in the theme because I wanted basic and easy to manage, not only just for me but for my viewers.  

Process Post #4


When I think about my audience on my blog, I think about it as I would my social media, friends and family only. I have always wanted to have a blog and be more open with my life and share my insights on things that I have shared with my husband and kids. Sometimes I will be sitting there thinking about writing a post or journal and how it would just flow in my head but soon as I would remember to write or post, it didn’t come out the same. So going forward I am hoping my blog posts become more active for myself and readers. So, I am able to get more confident as a writer.  

I added an About me section of my site. I have seen some others do that and felt it would be a good idea for readers outside of my friends and family.  

Process Post #5

Digital Editing, Genres & Accessible Websites

Once again when I think about how I want my website to be seen. I want it to be simple, I think it might be more for me, but I do want others to know where to access my blog.  

I was reading “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” by Tanya Basu, the article talks about how blogs vs digital garden are different. When I started my first research paper in my FAL X91 class. It was a bit of a challenge for me because I was finding myself many pages out of context of what I actually needed. I then realized after reading this article, it is just the same information combined with others information adding more information. I didn’t really understand it until now. It is also mentioned that blogs are of a bigger audience and a digital garden is for yourself. So, with my blog, is this just me digital garden? a digital garden leading into a blog for the larger audience? Imagine just trying to start a blog just for your close friends and family and then a post or website becomes viral. As a writer I believe that is the goal for some.  

This week’s website developing learning. I learned how to hypertext and be able to give it a new headline and not just hypertext the website by itself. I wondered how this was done and I am now very satisfied now that I know how to do this.  

Process Post #6

Designing Yourself

As I was reading contents may have shifted by Erin Kissane. It made me realize really how things are changing and evolving within the blogging, newspaper and editing world. Even with well-established websites, blogs or social media platforms there are always changes, updates their website. Some great, some not so great but no matter what it will always be changing, enhancing to adapt with technology today.  

The website I visit quite often is Facebook, at least that’s what my phone tells me. I know it may not be what was asked but I don’t really visit websites other than social media, if it’s not Facebook its IMDB to see where I noticed an actor from. The updates are what I dislike the most on Facebook because sometimes it’s just too much going on, it feels like whenever reviews are going in, they are trying to please everyone and changing things. I am pretty sure that’s not how it works but sometimes it feels that way. The on-safari version of Facebook is definitely my least favorite of mine; I prefer the app. I don’t like they have added reels to Facebook either. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a valid reason. I just don’t. One part of the app I don’t understand is why, where the share button goes on someone’s status when you click on it and it brings you to messenger, that I don’t understand. And the ads, ugh the ads or the ‘suggest for you’ sites are really annoying. Well, those are all the things I don’t like about it, now for what I do like about it. I like being able to stay connected with my family back home, for the ones who share I love seeing what their day looks like. I like engaging and sharing memes with my friends and family. Even when Facebook shows me 3-day old posts, I am still just glad to see what everyone is up to. I mean how else am I going to be nosy,.’m kidding. Overall, it is the site I visit most, to see up to date news, drama and events.  

Process #7

Social Media: Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking

Reading Something is wrong on the internet by James Bridle. The internet is a scary place, you could be looking for a recipe and put in one wrong word and you’re on a website that you don’t want to be on. All those links which 90% of the time turn out to be viruses that go around in emails and social media platforms that so many fall for and almost lose access to their accounts. Then there are misleading headlines that make it sound worse than it is or doesn’t even explain it properly. I remember about 7 or 8 years ago there was an article out and the headline said Betty White Dyed and I was shocked so I read the article, usually I don’t fall for them but this one got me. I read the article and it was talking about Betty White dyeing her hair, all I kept thinking was wow! You got me. So, after that I wait until it is announced on a news platform before I read or believe anything.  

Also, reading about all the scary things that are on YouTube nowadays that little kids have access to, I can’t believe how bad it really it. That there are YouTubers who actually create these knock-off versions of children’s’ tv shows, but not only that they are turning them into horror movies to traumatize children, what! why? I will never understand that, and I know it isn’t any different for older kids and teenagers because there are all the predators out there that try to pray on the young ones. That’s one thing I drill into my kids heads about not adding people to your gaming sites, or if they do end up messaging do not message them back, delete and block right away. I know I can’t control it all with my children, but I can do my best to educate them to do the right things and if unsure, always ask.  

Process Post #8

Social Media vs National News

I read an article from the  World Economic Forum by Jeffrey Gottfried and Jacob Lied on US young adults now trust news from social media over the National news. They write that instead of reading news from National news they will get the news from social media outlets. I believe this to be true, with the younger generation, they want short get to the point news or videos to share news. More of the older generations are used to and have had newspapers from places like National news so that’s what they are used to. I personally don’t even like watching the news let alone reading an entire article, so I am one to get news from social media as well. I prefer short straight to the point articles but that’s just me. I know 100% cannot trust all websites thrown around on social media though. I would usually check out the website name and if it was just a bunch of letters I most likely wouldn’t check it out. As the years go on, online outlets will probably be the only way to get the news, so social media is probably where to find it.  

Process Post #9

Digital Breadcrumbs

After reading the article on Digital Breadcrumbs pod academy 2016, I am realizing how phones and computers really are the ones controlling us. No matter the app we use or the site we search for, that data is collected and shared. I would think just like some of those who answered that erasing all the cookies and clearing cache erases it all. I know this article is based on the UK but that doesn’t mean anywhere you use your phone is any different. I, myself do worry about my privacy, I turn all location services off, I turn off background app refresh, and don’t allow for everything. I am not sure if it is helping anything but no matter what it will stay off. It is scary to think how much access one can get from signing up to a website or using an app to check the weather. With all the new smartphones, there is no such thing as privacy. That is scary for our future generations, I just hope that they get some lessons and knowledge on not trusting everything on the internet. Especially nowadays with all the bots and trolls on the internet that can steal information or trick people into giving information. 

Process Post #10

Clearing Up Confusion – Deep Web vs Dark Web

I was reading the article from the Bright Planet about the Deep Web vs Dark Web. I found it interesting to learning a little about which one was which. I quite often go to travel sites not specifically Hotwire but I do use them. With the deep web the websites are all connected to links. Such as, being unable to use the search engine to find a flight because the website wants you to using the links instead. I found this wild because I had no idea about his. I mean I heard about the dark web from the movies but even then I still didn’t quite understand because I wouldn’t use it. In the article it states that anytime you navigate away from google from the links that are provided, that is the deep web. The dark web is anything else that is not search from the standard web search engines like google. It is only access through certain websites that are only accessible from certain web browser. The internet is sure a scary thing because there is still a lot I do not know. Don’t think I do want to know anything more now, my head hurts.

Process Post #11

Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling

In the article, Pokemon as Transmedia Storytelling I got to know of Pokémon from my younger brother who was into Pokémon, specifically Pokémon snap on Game Cube. Actually to think about this is quite extraordinary because to have something evolve so much over the years from my oldest child who is 23 to my youngest that is 14 but not only that it is still going on to this day. They were all into different forms and generations of Pokémon but I, myself never went full force of knowing the characters or buying my kids things, but that was for the fact I couldn’t really afford it but that’s besides the point here. I know Pokémon has been around for years from trading cards, tv shows, to video games and much more. The article states that the world of Pokémon is still a mystery. Is there a difference between an animal we see in our world and one in the Pokémon world, is the Pokémon world different from ours? The article states sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. I find it fascinating as I read more on how Pokémon as evolved and probably will continue to evolve into a bigger and better things or they could bring back all the old. Who knows? the possibilities are endless.

Process Post #12

The Psychology of Online Comments

Okay, let’s get into this article, The Psychology of Online Comments publish by Maria Konnicova. She writes about the anonymous vs public comments. I can’t even imagine what it would be like in the journalism world. Having the comment section on and having to deal with the rude comments. Those trolls that like to start an argument or disagreement just for kicks. I know there is some commentors that are passionate about something and want to say their peace. But I think it is very rare that, that’s the case. I personally, do not plan into going into journalism or editing because that is not something I am good at. So, with my website I have my comment section off because that is not the type of criticism I need or want. I want it to show my family what I had accomplished in this class and that’s it. Even, all the social media platforms are the same. There is always that one person that will always argue with you no matter the topic you post about. So, I don’t have many friend on my social media, well compared to most people anyways. I have about 300 friends on Facebook and that was trying to keep it to close friends and family. Imagine if on social media people could post anonymously. There would be so much more judgment going around, especially bullying. The article, talks about the ban on comments on websites. But she also talks about how even if it is not available they will turn to instagram or twitter and bash the company or story. That is 100% true.