Peer Review #2

Peer review time, I had the honour to review Angie’s website ( When I look through her website, I first think of the name, exciting to see places Angie visited. I like how she has different ways to find her content and assignments. On her home page she’s got on her posts in order of doing them but if you wanted to go look at previous work it is also there under one tab. I like how her posts have a description and I just have to click on her link to see the rest.

Angie’s page is about lifestyle, travel and food and who doesn’t like food, even though there is only one post, food post will be where I start. It’s nice to see the place Angie has travelled to so far in the lower mainland. A lot of the places I haven’t been to yet, so I can see it from her point of view. She explains and shares some nice pictures.

Overall Angie put together a nice clear website, with things easy to find and easy to read. I enjoyed watching her adventures through her posts that were in great detail. The calendar and the music on the side I didn’t understand though, just to add things I guess. I’ll check out other place she had visited in the coming weeks.

Peer Review

I am doing peer review for Blaze website – Chariot Upkeep I know from the website name and stories I have heard from Blaze that his website would’ve been not only comical but also informative. With some added touches I know his website could be great. Blaze is a great person that I had the pleasure of meeting during my first year at SFU. If he utilized his creativity through his website I know he would’ve emphasized his online self.

The colour theme for his website is bright and a nice fit for what he would share on his website. Blaze has designed it to be easy to navigate. From the front page you can easily navigate to the process posts and mini assignments. On the right side of his website he has most recent post and a comment section for his viewers. I think with some picture of vehicles and beautiful sceneries that his website would pop nicely.

If blaze continued with his website it could’ve did great things for people on a budget because I have heard stories about his troubles he has had with his car and the hacks he has used to keep it running. I think some people could benefit from this if he shared more. He could have a pretty good fan base with the content he was intending to vlog about. So, if Blaze continued with his content his website could have reached a lot of people.