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Mini Assignment #1


Mini Assignment #2

Guest Post

Hi there, I am Winnie the pooh. I am a guest on today. I am here to share a little about me and why I am here today. I have been around since 1926, I started out in books and grew into a kid television show. I have many friends, Eeyore, Piglet, Owl, Rabbit, Kanga-Roo and my favorite Christopher Robin. I value my friends very much. So, I am here to share with you to always be friendly with people. There is someone out there who is struggling with something in their lives and we will never know. So it is important to always be nice. Always remember to include your friends in your activities, even if they don’t show up. They like to be thought of and invited. Lastly love yourself, treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it for being the kick-ass person you are.
Thank you for you time and have a wonderful day.

Signing off Winnie the Pooh.

Mini Assignment #3

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Mini Assignment #4

Remix (recipe)

So, I took the idea of remixing a recipe, that was suggested because that is what I did while making chicken strips. I seen someone try this recipe so I had to try it. They are Gluten and Dairy free version of homemade chicken strips. They turned out way better then I thought and much better then the store version.

So, initially for chicken strips you would use:
flour with seasoning

But, I found an alternative for all of the ingredients, that includes:
gluten free flour – such as: rice, almond or I used the baking gf flour.
instead of the eggs I use almond milk
and last but not least of course there is gf option for panko, it isn’t the same but I’m grateful for the alternative options.

Gf flour is actually really good, thank goodness because I do not like change but that one worked for me. I used almond milk and let me tell you it held the batter together much better than eggs do and it wasn’t soft in the middle. Last but not least gf panko, like I said it isn’t the same as regular but I am grateful for the option. Then just spend hours frying them up, for the kids to demolish in about 10-15 minutes. I hope this is clear, thanks for stopping by.

Mini Assignment #5

Infographic for my online self